What clients have said.

“The Family Business Center of the Pioneer Valley has been in the business of producing events that feature an assortment of business experts, advisors, executives, researchers, and other educational resources to an audience of owners and key managers since 1994. Julia Mines presented to our membership a workshop called, “What Gets in Your Way?” covering a variety of areas on self-management. Julia wowed the group, demonstrating great teaching and coaching prowess. She was organized, clear, relatable, and showed a ton of heart, humor and wisdom. I cannot imagine an organization whose people would not benefit from the take aways that she delivers. I must say I was expecting very good, and got superb.  

Ira Bryck, Director, Family Business Center of Pioneer Valley

“Julia lead a team-building 'playshop' for my colleagues and  I that was energizing, powerful, entertaining, and contained many, many laughs. Julia has a special way of creating an atmosphere that allows people to relax and be comfortable in their own skin, including  allowing them to be silly. It broke down barriers and challenged us all, allowing us to explore the true meaning of happiness and how we can explore and embrace it every day. I 'm thankful that I found Julia, and even more thankful for the gifts she's given us--an ability to say out loud what needs voicing, and a chance to see the bigger picture.”

Gretchen Lussier, Program Administrator, Department of Pathology at University of Massachusetts Medical School-Baystate

"Julia has stunning insight and a huge heart. She coached me on crafting my TEDx talk and was with me as I conceived of it, edited it, and delivered it. It's rare to find someone who can so quickly tune in emotionally and intellectually to what is needed and then constructively give feedback - all in the same session. My final product would not be what it is without her guidance and energy. Her ability to draw out my ideas and help me to think strategically about my editing process and my communication style meant that even after our sessions were over, I was shaping my piece through the new lens she gave me. It's obvious that Julia has a tremendous amount of professional experience which, along with her natural intuition, contributes to her great expertise. I would recommend Julia as a coach to anyone ready to accelerate her work and make her passion a reality."

                B. Elizabeth, Communications Trainer


"Julia set the bar for what a professional workshop should look like. Her talk was excellent. EXCELLENT." 

Gretchen Duhaime, CEO, Women's Business Owners Alliance

“If I only bring my business self or accounting self to the table, it’s a pretty dull world. If I have to simply grind on the bottom line, I can have a surplus of revenue, but not a life. Julia has supported me in bringing my whole self—my personal passions—to my professional life and to my leadership role. I’m a more creative, energized leader for it, which benefits our staff and clients, too. Our staff are now more empowered to show up as whole people, too. Since we’re in the business of empowering our clients, an empowered workplace transfers easily to them. It also translates to the bottom line: other organizations and individuals want to support and be part of an energized passionate group doing good work. The work I have done with Julia lifts us all."

                Judith Roberts, Executive Director, The Literacy Project

“Julia is a truly transformational coach. I worked with her during a time that was filled with an overwhelming number of transitions and found her invaluable. Julia is so present and listens so deeply, both to what is being said, and to what is being said between the lines. She gently coached me to where I wanted and needed to be. It was a very solutions-focused and expedited experience and yet, it also felt remarkably restorative. I highly recommend her.”

Mary H., Executive Director

"Everyone should have a Julia."

Traci Wolfe, Director of Constituent Relations & Giving, Williston Northampton School

"Julia is a brilliant coach. She has an uncanny ability to hone in on exactly the places that most need attention or exploration or tweaking or in the case of a TEDx talk – clarifying, adding lines, dropping lines, better articulating the actual point I’m trying to make. All delivered with the utmost care and respect. Working with Julia makes you feel like you can do anything. Her belief in you helps you to naturally grow your belief in yourself. She has a gift and is a gift. I literally cannot recommend her highly enough."

Dora Lewis, Educator, Coach

"The help I got from Julia Mines made a huge difference in my Tedx talk. She knew how to help me get better laughs, where to pause, what to emphasize, and what to cut. She has such a sensitive and knowing ear and is able to hear what is true and sounds right - and what sounds weird or just off. She gets the message you are trying to send with each sentence and helps you send your message, line by line.

Julia has an eagle eye too. She was able to zero in on some distracting stuff I was doing that I hadn't noticed and her movement coaching helped me deliver my talk more effectively.
I would never do another talk without her expertise, warmth, and insight. She’s a speaker coach's coach."

Cathy McNally, Speaker and Speaker Coach

"Julia is an amazing coach. She has been extremely helpful in multiple areas of my life. She helped me navigate and resolve a tough and complex career related decision, and has inspired me to keep going with my personal and professional goals. She is gentle and compassionate, and brings so much honesty and integrity to our sessions. I wholeheartedly recommend her as a coach."

Effie Stavrulaki, PhD, Professor of Economics Bentley College

“Julia is so present, so fully engaged, narrowing things down to the important need of the moment to ensure we stay on track--and she does it with kindness and with so much zest.”

Randall Sherwood, PhD, Psychologist

"However badly I feel on a given day, after our conversations I always feel so empowered, positive and reaffirmed in my values--like there was never even a problem before. She’s helped me through some very difficult situations and challenges in my private life and at work, by always providing a warm, caring, and empathetic space for me to explore my challenges, remember my strengths, and find solutions for problems. Countless times she’s asked me questions that just let me exhale, I thought, 'Wow, good question. I never considered that.' Our work together has really allowed me to shake free the answers I’ve needed. Julia is such a caring and supportive coach who’s helped me develop the best in me.."

Sohpie Janicke, PhD, Professor of Media, Chapman College

“I feel I am in capable and compassionate hands when I work with Julia. She is generous with her knowledge, insight, and encouragement. I'd recommend her services to any business professional who wants to take a step forward in his or her career and to do so with confidence and poise."

Tzivia Gover, Institute for Dream Studies, Executive Director, Author

“Julia is extremely skilled at helping people clear what's internally blocking us from doing our best work in the world."

Erica, Consultant, Speaker, Educator