Laughter is good for us.

Positive emotions accompanied by laughter make us feel more expansive, promote our creativity, increase our problem solving skills, make us feel more sociable, and improve our ability to see the big picture.

And, laughter just feels so darn good.

It's even suggested by researchers at The University of Maryland Medical Center that laughter may prevent heart disease. 

I'm a fan. What the following links lack in high tech, more than make up for in good humor.


Ellen DeGeneres makes an early appearance on Johnny Carson.
Bob Newhart has a quick fix for all that ails you.
Tim Conway is the dentist from hell.
Paula Poundstone in her earliest incarnation (with a special message, I think, for leaders).
Downton Abbey's James Collier (Thomas, the unlovable footman) did a mock episode involving he and his fellow Abbeyites with light sabers. This features Daisy and Mrs. Patmore.


Four laughing babies

TED Talk:

The Hidden Power of Smiling