"Julia is extremely skilled at helping us clear what's blocking us internally from doing our best work in the world." 

-Erica,  Consultant, Speaker, Educator

Being in business takes hard work, capital, and patience. It takes keeping the clients happy. It takes grit. Plus, a willingness to stretch--even when it's uncomfortable. (And sometimes, it's just darn well uncomfortable.)

The Business Bootcamp is a program about harnessing what it means to be an entrepreneur. About working on your business, not just in it. About shining a light on the obstacles that stand in the way--and moving past them. 

Bootcamp gives participants concrete, tactical steps for both organizing themselves and knowing themselves. Which frees up room to kick things like overwhelm, procrastination, and confusion to the curb. 

Partipants learn:

• The three hats all business owners need to wear to succeed + how to use them to get more traction

• The unique places they get stuck, and where to spot these coming down the pike (saying you'll do X but then, mysteriously, doing laundry instead)

• What to do with procrastination, overwhelm, confusion, and strategies for productivity

• About what their competition can teach them

• How to shore up their vision and build a road map to get there

How much time will it take? One 2-hour meeting per week for 8 weeks total. Plus, 15 mins minimum per day for 5 days/week. Some weeks will require additional time--up to an hour. And of course, any additional work you want to put in. 

Where does it meet? It's a hybrid: first and last sessions in person, the in-between sessions online.

Who's it for? Anyone who wants support and camaraderie from other business owners, anyone who feels stuck or overwhelmed, anyone who wants to understand more deeply operational systems, anyone who wants to understand her own mind.


For more info: contact Julia Mines, julia@juliamines.com, 413-424-0909