The Truth About Love (with wonderful video)

The research on love shows that love is indeed fleeting. Its affect lasts mere "micro moments." It's not even unconditional. And, it needs to be uncoupled from the word "romance." These micro moments happen any time we truly connect with someone else, whether it's our boss, a neighbor, the mail carrier, a stranger, or, fill in the blank. My point is, "The Supreme Emotion" is for everyone, it's not exclusive. Which means we can love often. And often, we do. And more of it is good for us.  The benefits of this positive emotion are many: we feel 'lighter," learn more easily, boost our immunity, feel energized, optimistic, hopeful.... But I don't need to tell you. You know what it feels like.

Barbara Fredricksons' research found here.

A Video to Melt Your Heart

Filmmaker Brent Hoff made a short film (or a long video depending, 14:32 before the credits roll), about Stanford University's Center for Cognitive and Neurobiological Resonance Lab's "Love Competition." Researchers wanted to see what happens in the brain when people "love as hard as they can." If you've got the time, thanks to the mirror neurons in your own brain, you'll have access to those feelings of love, just by watching.