Live and work in alignment with your best self.


We start with where we are, with what we have, with who we are. We imagine who we want to be--the future we want to live. All the space in between? That's where coaching fits in. We take a dream and break it down. We take what's fuzzy and make it clear. We fine tune. Redirect. Try things on. Take things off. Pause to reflect. And, just keep going. It's one foot, then the other. Small steps. Big, big impact. 

We bring our curiosity. And our humor. And some kindness toward ourselves. We roll up our sleeves. We dig in. And find cause to celebrate.

A funny thing happens along the way. We grow. We change. We become more like ourselves—our best self in our best life. Engaged. Inspired. Effective.

This is where we build.


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A wee bit about me.

Meaning. Purpose. Pleasure. How do we have more of the things that lead us to a happier life?

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Take A Mini Vacation... On Me

Positive emotions broaden our perspective allowing us to see the big picture. We also benefit by thinking more clearly, creatively, and effectively.

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