I offer experiential workshops meant to uplift and inspire. To date, workshops have been crafted around these general themes:

Happiness 101: The broad strokes on the "science of happiness," why positive emotions matter, and how to get intentional about getting more of the stuff.

Happier 2.0: Why Goals Matter:  How to craft goals that mean something to us (not our piano teacher or our uncle, for example), how to figure out our strengths, increase our courage capacity, and why practicing self-compassion matters when facing risk.

Happier at Work: With 70% of the American workforce disengaged from their jobs, there's an epidemic of low productivity, frustration, and anger in the workplace. How can we stand with ourselves to improve our work lives even if the circumstances there don't change? What does it take to make our own jobs. This workshop is perfect for managers as well as workers. There's a saying that goes: "People don't leave bad jobs, they leave bad bosses...." Themes explored include: discovering and leveraging our strengths at work, why having personal goals can improve our lot, the importance of appreciative workplaces, why savoring good moments matters, and the life of our brain.  

Happier Business Owners: This is an ongoing workshop for people who are entrepreneurs or small business owners who want to grow their business but find they're on a treadmill that they can't get off of. We explore our vision, procrastination, success and more balance. Oh, and that pesky filing that never gets done, among other things.